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Michigan Foam Products Inc. - About Us

   Michigan Foam Products Inc. is a large family owned expanded polystyrene (EPS) manufacturer in Grand Rapids Michigan. Our EPS packaging solutions have been implimented throughout the Midwest and Canada for the past three decades. We make hundreds of quality rigid EPS packaging solutions, and just about any other EPS project for commercial, residential, civil, governmental applications that require the cushioning ability that EPS foam can handle. For a thorough list of products, see our  Products Page, or if you need a specialy designed solution, see our  Specialty EPS Page.

   EPS holds a plethora of advantages over paper or cardboard packaging solutions. Let's face it, warehouse personnel move freight as quickly as possible.EPS Foam Densities Chart Being careful with every  skid or container is not always high on the list of importance. That's where the best qualities of EPS excel. EPS can be formed and shaped into practically any shape or size to give your fragile products the nesessary protection. Please look at the "EPS Technical Data" and foam densities chart we have made available by clicking on the image to the left. Or click the button to download the EPS technical data sheet below.

  Download EPS Technical Data Sheet

    Here are some distinct advantages of EPS to protect your valuable products:

  •  Superior cushioning characteristics
  •  Durability
  •  Thermal properties (hot or cold)
  •  Inherant Water Resistance
  •  High Tensile Strength to Weight Ratio
  •  Light weight (1-3 lb per cubic foot)
  •  Interior or Exterior Applications
  •  Stability
  •  Rigid
  •  Jar resistant
  •  Wide variety of foam densities
  •  Can be fabricated to virtually any shape
  •  High insulative qualities
  •  Can be fabricated into virtually any shape
  •  100% Recyclable

30 Years of EPS Manufacturing

    Nothing can replace experience, quality control, and hard work when it comes to consistant EPS production ability, and our team has done that consistantly for six lustrums. From the MFP front office to every department associate that works out in our plant, it takes hard work from everyone to make that happen. We at Michigan Foam Products think our quality EPS products and the ability to make difficult deadlines are a reflection on our entire workforce and their ability to professionally manufacture quality products that our customers need.

What We Can Do For You

   We can turn ordinary ideas into awesome solutions to protect your important products. As stated above, EPS foam has many decided and distinct advantages like, stability, durability, cushioning, shock absorption, and jar resistance that cardboard and paper shipping products just can't match. For these reasons and many others explains why EPS popularity has soared in recent years to a worldwide consumption of nearly six million graph That is an 80% increase in just ten years! EPS product varieties are nearly limitless because the dimensions of a block of EPS can be cut in 2D or 3D shapes and is easily changed from project to project by precision CNC computer programs from the front office to the plant floor. See our  product gallery page for some examples of basic shapes and sizes.

    The quality of our Youtube videos can be adjusted by clicking the  symbol on the players lower panel. Both videos are HD capable if your bandwidth speed can support it. Youtube regularly uses the lowest quality settings first.

Hirsch-Gruppe Block Mold Quality at MFP

hirsch-gruppe eps block mold image
"When you start with a perfectly produced block of EPS, the results can be nothing short of perfect."

Starting with the perfect foam block

   The Hirsch-Gruppe EPS block molding machine system is one of the highest quality EPS block molds in the industry. Michigan Foam Products chose the German made Hirsch-Gruppe because of its quality, ruggedness, speed, and consistant block quality. The manufacturing of a block of expanded polystyrene is a delicate process. Many unseen tasks go into making a quality block of EPS foam. Approximately 40 seperate parameters and measurements are fed into the console before any magic can happen. Because Michigan Foam Products can produce so many different densities of EPS foam, our experienced block mold techs have their hands full monitoring and making sure that each block is made to the exacting specs we and our customers demand.

 View Available MFP EPS Foam Densities

  Or download the EPS Technical Data Sheet below
  Download EPS Technical Data Sheet PDF

   The Hirsch-Gruppe block mold is dependent on a high tech CNC console which takes a great deal of experience to use. Many of the parameters we use are time tested formulas that we have originated ourselves to insure block quality no matter what density is nesessary. Our block mold techs have more than fifteen years of experience producing some the best, high quality EPS foam around. Many adjectives can describing how good one's business is, but we would rather prove it to you.

Michigan Foam Products Inc

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