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  Fax: 616-452-0533
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Contacting Michigan Foam Products Inc.

Sales and Product Information

   Sometimes figuring out what you need may seem to be a little complicated. Our experienced office staff is here for just that reason. With the help of decades of knowledge, our staff can help you with the vast amount of expanded polystyrene (EPS) solutions that we are able to produce. They will assist in directing you to the right department for the solution you need, and in a professional manner. If you need to contact Michigan Foam Products either for support,  product inquiries, or just a simple question, we have numerous ways for you to do so.

  Tel: 616-452-9611
  Fax: 616-452-0533

You can also use the contact form on this page to leave us a message regarding your question or inquiry.

Delivering Your Order

   We ship multiple truckloads every day all around the midwest and parts of Canada that include:

  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Canada

    The quality of our Youtube video can be adjusted by clicking the  symbol on the players lower panel. This video is 720p HD capable if your bandwidth speed can support it. Youtube regularly uses the low quality settings first.
michfoam quote mark     Over the years of partnership with Michigan Foam Products supplying our needs of foam products the attention to detail and customer service has been outstanding! Michigan Foam continually goes above and beyond the necessary steps to support our supplier customer relationship. Michigan Foam in multiple cases has adjusted their busy schedules to meet our increased or unexpected needs for product to maintain production at our facility. Scot VanAirsdale, Rick Barber, and Racheal Holtvluwer have been a few of the Michigan Foam Products employees that come to mind as great assets in our relationship with Michigan Foam Products. I’m looking forward to continuing our supplier customer relationship with Michigan Foam Products in the years to come.
Jamie A. - Materials Manager

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Our Michigan Foam Products Team

MFP General Manager

Brian Anderson general manager of michigan foam products
Brian Anderson
   Brian currently holds an Associates Degree in Tool Design Engineering. His training in Lean, Kaizen, 5-S, Project Management, and QS-9000 has been employed to help MFP maintain the best customer service, product quality, and delivery. Brian has worked for MFP since 2006 as General Manager, and has held copious management positions in previous companies as Project Manager, Plant Manager, and Engineering Manager, over his 30+ years in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Manager

dave keyworth michigan foam products
Dave Keyworth
   Dave is the Manufacturing Manager for Michigan Foam Products Inc. He over sees all scheduling and staffing of the plant. Dave holds a Bachelor Degree in Manufacturing Management. His experience also includes: Operations Consultant, Business Unit Manager, Steelcase Manufacturing Superintendant, Team Supervisor, Industrial and Mfg. Engineer

Senior Design and Plant Engineer

kevin koonmen of michigan foam products
Kevin Koonmen
   Kevin is a graduate of Aquinas College with a B.S. in Sustainable Business with a minor in Business Administration. Kevin's expertise also includes programming multi-axis CNC equipment, writing process control instructions and quality control documentation for PPAP processes. Kevin is also proficient with many types of plastics including EPS, Low Density Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene, Urethane and Ethylene foams.

Process Engineer

jovan willis process engineer  michigan foam products
Jovan Willis
   Jovan is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from Ferris State University (expected this year).   Jovan has experience programming CNC equipment in the pattern making indusrty, which provides him with an understanding of EPS foam and computer-aided design. Jovan has spent numerous years as supervisor at UPS which gives him a thorough understanding of his leadership roles at Michigan Foam Products.

Sales Engineer

scot van airsdale michigan foam products
Scot Van Airsdale
   Scot graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a Industrial Psychology Major. Scot has been in sales for thirty years, and with Michigan Foam Products for almost five years. He also has accumulated more than twelve years in sales of various types of foam, including expanded polystyrene foam.

Sales Engineer

martin tittel of michigan foam products
Martin Tittel
   Martin is the construction and packaging industries sales representative at Michigan Foam Products Inc. Martin also holds a Bachelors Degree in History and Political Science. Martin has amassed 30 years of combined sales experience with companies such as, Sherwin-Williams Company, Guardsman Products Inc., and Acuarial Benefit Administration Inc.

Shop Supervisor

mike kryger shop supervisor at michigan foam products
Mike Kryger
   Mike earned an Associates Degree in Management and Supervision at Grand Rapids CC, and has accumulated six years in managerial roles for various companies around Grand Rapids.  At MFP,  Mike oversees all production prioritization and workflow on the main production floor.  Mike also is heavily involved with our inventory,  shipping,  and receiving responsibilities.

Scheduling Manager

jason campbell of michigan foam products
Jason Campbell
   Jason has earned a B.B.A. in Accounting from Marshall University.  Jason has also obtained the CPIM certification through APICS in 2002.  Jason has also amassed over 15 years of planning and scheduling experience in the chemical and automotive industries.  Throughout his 25 year accounting/supply career,  Jason has also recieved training in effective communication and team building workshops.

Customer Service Representative and HR

laurie tindle of michigan foam products
Laurie Tindle
   Laurie graduated from Ferris College with a bachelor's degree in business administration human resources. Laurie has spent the last twenty years in HR and customer service.

Production Supervisor - 2nd Shift

justin of michigan foam products
Justin McMichael
Justin has been with Michigan Foam Inc. about one year and has shown progressive ability. Justin started on the MFP production floor and has been promoted to the 2nd shift team leader position. He has demonstated experiential abilities that our 2nd shift production team needed. He has recently completed a Core Leadership training program with the Employers Association.

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