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   Michigan Foam Products Inc - Specialty EPS

   With virtually unlimited EPS design options, we at MFP are fully aware that one size (or hundreds of sizes)do not fit all. Ideas are what makes Michigan creative thought imageFoam Products the EPS source to trust. We have the ability to give you quick turn-around times when your project demands it. With the assistance of our highly experienced Design and Engineering Department, you can have a specialty EPS solution or product sample developed just for you. We have done everything from simple shapes to very complex shapes and designs. Michigan Foam has the ability to design and fabricate just about anything you can imagine. We offer an opportunity for your idea to be tested as a prototype first. This sample tryout is very beneficial for getting it right. We will work closely with you every step of the way to make sure it's exactly what you need.

   Michigan Foam Products Inc. is very fortunate to have so many talented and creative customers including fortune 500 companies, movie studios, and individual artisans who can take a piece of our expanded polystyrene and turn it into a unique entity all its own. Many of these artists have taken EPS to the next level. We are continually amazed at the genius in which a simple block of EPS foam can be turned into an elaborate movie background, light weight structures, or beautiful display models just to name a few.

  Some Requirements

  •   The maximum size foam block that Michigan Foam products produces is 196" x 37" x 61"
  •   The maximum length contour part we can produce is 120"
  •   In some instances, eps block material must be cured 72 hours minimum before processing to your requirements
  •   For specific sizes please contact our Customer Service Department -    Tel: 616-452-9611

  Also helpful is the Technical Data Sheet PDF file that you can download below.
  Download EPS Technical Data Sheet PDF

  EPS Choices
   Specialty EPS also includes more than just measurements. We also give the customer many varieties of EPS foam densities that go beyond the ordinary weights of foam density you typically receive in a standard item quote.pencil imageImagination dictates the end result. The customer has many options to choose from, one of them being able to reduce the cost of the product by reducing foam density and maintaining what's necessary for the application.

   Michigan Foam Products use SolidWorks® CAD software with the capability to read most file types of computer aided design files, including DXF, IGES, and DWG. solidworks logo

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   EPS Foam Airplane Display

   This massive display prop was made from Michigan Foam Products EPS by Michael Wren of Wrensong Studio.  This unique design was constructed for a local church during a special series of sermons.  Wrensong Studio's artistic abilities take EPS foam to the next level in its ingenuity and realism.  The detail shows remarkable skill. With all of the foam density choises available at MFP, this type of project is now possible.

wrensong studios eps airplane

   Movie Props for "Real Steel" 2011 (Dreamworks®)

   In 2011, Michigan Foam EPS was used for the Sci-Fi Dreamworks® movie "Real Steel" starring Hugh Jackman.  Filmed almost entirely in Michigan, the movie special effects team needed Michigan Foam Products EPS foam for certain sets and props for backgrounds.  Real Steel received an Academy Award nomination in 2012 for "Best Achievement in Visual Effects".

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   2011 Grand Rapids Art Prize 2nd Place

   Competing in the 2-D category of the City of Grand Rapids Art Prize competition, Tracy Van Duinen of Meta-Phorist used Michigan Foam EPS to make this "Multi media mosaic mural".  This mosaic art stretched eighty feet in length, with a height of fourty feet.  Tracy works in the Chicago Public Schools while using his abilities in the field of art to help urban teenagers connect with their community.

2011 Art Prize 2nd place

   Emperor Building System

   The Emperor Building System EPS foam is fabricated entirely at Michigan Foam Proucts. This innovative insulation system is made with 50% recycled EPS foam, and has the ability to increase R-Value in the attic space and  at the same time increase air circulation to the attic space to reduce ice dams and roof leakage. Installation can be done in a new or  older home, truss built roof or standard rafter built roofs.

emperor building system image

   Mono Slab EZ Form LLC. - Island Park, Idaho

   The Mono Slab EZ Form is a new ICF concrete form system that is simple to set up, and requires very minimal takedown. Mono Slab EZ Form knew that if the form was manufactured EPS foam, it would eliminate both the stripping process as well as the insulating process. For much more in depth description, go to the  Mono Slab EZ Form website. Watch    Short Youtube Video or    Full Youtube video

mono slab ez form eps foam system photo

   Lightning Technologies - Oxford, Michigan

   Lightning Technologies produces an innovative, multi-use EPS / corrugated pallet with a proprietary polyurea coating. These strong, durable, light weight pallets are amazingly versitile and cost effective. Similar in composition to polyurea spray coatings used in boat manufacturing, table top edge protection, and truck bed liners, just to name a few. The polyurea coating application is durable enough to last 25 years!

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  Cruise Ship Miniature Golf Courses

   Aboard massive cruise liners in the Caribbean, you can enjoy a game of miniature golf on a course made with EPS foam underlayment from Michigan Foam Products.  Lightweight and weather resistant, EPS foam is the perfect answer to build a contoured panelized system while enduring the elements of the tropics.  The EPS foam can be made to certified maritime specifications with an ingenius clear-coat developed by Adventure Golf Services.  Built with a proprietery modular paneled system also developed by AGS, the panels are quick to assemble, reliable, and durable.  Once the panels are shaped and contoured, they are then anchored to the deck surface of the cruise ship.  Enjoy the wind and waves... and an occasional hole-in-one.

royal caribbean logo  Royal Caribbean Liners with EPS foam Mini-Golf

 Oasis of the Seas    Allure of the Seas    Explorer of the Seas    Voyager of the Seas    Radiance of the Seas    Splendour of the Seas

norwegian cruise liners logo  Norwegian Cruise Liners with EPS foam Mini-Golf

 Breakaway    Geteaway

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photo credit for mini golf courses: Adventure Golf Services

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